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Important Terms and Definitions

Lamar School District

Important Terms and Definitions


Blended – Hybrid Fridays

Blended-Hybrid Fridays, depending on building, would look somewhat like the following:

Starting Friday, October 23, 2020 Fridays will become 100% Virtual Learning Days. This means that we are giving parents/children the option to learn Virtually from either home, or school. Students who choose to learn from home on Fridays wouldn't be counted absent. There would be no new content taught, major assessments given and assignments would be an extension of Thursday's lesson, or variations depending on the building. Buses would run as normal, and Breakfast & Lunch will be served to those on campus. Full-time Virtual students would not be affected and remain off campus, unless needed for a specific reason i.e. Testing. Any Virtual student, including those only virtual on Fridays,  can still request pick-up meals through the HS cafeteria.

Due to the different number of students that may show up, each Building's plan will look somewhat different, and we will modify and adjust along the way. It is of our hope that we can utilize some large areas in each building to accommodate student’s needs while limiting the number of classrooms used.

Blended Learning – Combined use of traditional face-to-face instruction integrated with Virtual Learning due to when a student(s) being sent home due to COVID-19, Influenza, or other communicable diseases.

Virtual Learning – When a student attends off campus only to view video lessons, complete assignments, and turn in assignments through an internet connection.

Learning Management System (LMS) – Is an online system that allows a provider to upload and track information provided for a learner. The learner can readily access and respond to the information. (Google Classroom is the LMS that the Lamar School District has chosen to use for the 2020-2021 school year.)

Home School – is a term used when parents are going to determine the curriculum their students will use for their education. This is not a learning model provided through a school district (Not provided by the Lamar School District.) This is an option provided by the state allowing parents to teach their children from home.

Hybrid Learning – Two days of Blended Learning on campus and three days of Virtual Learning off campus.



Stages of Educational Learning offered at Lamar School District based upon current Guidelines put forth from the State of Arkansas

Stage 1 - Blended Learning and Virtual Learning (our current Stage)

Stage 2 – Hybrid Learning and Virtual Learning

Stage 3 – Virtual Learning only

We are not currently offering Hybrid learning as an option when we return to school. Our State is in a Phase Two reopening which means a 66% capacity for buildings. According to our data, we are inside of those guidelines. That is comparable to our “Stage 1”


If our state goes backwards to Phase One on the State level, which is 33% capacity, we will need to move to a Hybrid model (we haven’t got everything totally ironed out on that one, but are working on it.) This would be the “Stage 2.”

If we have a complete shut-down throughout the State, this would be our “Stage 3.”

With all three stages, Virtual is offered.


*It is important to note, that this is a living document and subject to change depending on what circumstances that may present themselves to the District.

*Check this document for periodic updates.

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