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Classified Application (Translate)

Lamar School District

Application for Classified Employment

The Lamar School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, qualified handicap or veteran status. 

The Lamar School District is a tobacco free workplace and learning environment. Smoking and the use of tobacco products is prohibited in all school facilities. 

Prior to working in the Lamar School District, an individual is responsible for being tested for tuberculosis, filing the results of that test in the central office, filing to become a member of the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System, completing federal and state tax withholding information, filling out an I-9 form, completing a criminal background check at the employee's expense, and completing the district's drug free workplace statement. The forms mentioned in this paragraph should be completed prior to or on the first day worked. Checks cannot be issued until these forms are completed. 


Please print: 

Date: ___________________

 Name: __________________________________ Telephone # _________________________ 

Social Security # ________________________________(Please attach a photocopy of card.) 

Address __________________________ Citv _______________ State _____Zip __________ 

Please indicate highest level of education: 

College ______ High School Diploma _____ GED _____ Other ________________

Position(s) applying for _____________________________________________________ 

Were you previously employed by Lamar Schools? __________ If yes, when?______________ 

If your application is considered favorably, on what date will you be available for work? _______ 

Are there any other experiences, skills, or qualifications which will be of special benefit in the job for which you are applying?


 Have you ever been convicted of a felony? _______

Are you a current or past member of the US Military? Yes No 

If Yes...Current or Past? _______

If Yes...Which branch? ________