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The Local Wellness Policy (LWP) is available on the Lamar Warriors website. If you have any questions regarding the wellness policy please contact Miranda Kenner SBHC Coordinator at 479-885-3965. The Triennial Assessment will be available online soon. Check back for updates!
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Great Day

23-24 School Year Wellness Meeting Dates

August 10th 2023

Overview, meeting dates, Questions/Suggestions

September 14th 2023

Menu Review, SHI/BMI, Identify/Review wellness priorities, Questions/Suggestions

November 16th 2023

Menu Review, Wellness policy review, Questions/Suggestions

February 15th 2024

Menu Review, Wellness priorities review, Vision/Hearing screenings, Questions/Suggestions

April 25th 2024

Menu Review, Wellness policy review, SHI review, Questions/Suggestions

Meetings will take place at 6:00pm during open house and each parent/teacher conference. Everyone is welcome to attend!

If you have any questions, please contact Miranda Kenner. 




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Wellness Center

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