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2 Week Mask Mandate 1/10/22

At our regularly scheduled meeting tonight, our school board approved by a 3-1 vote, to go to a two week mandatory mask policy for all buildings due to the recent surge in Covid-19 cases. This goes into effect tomorrow, 1-11-2022 and will discontinue 1-25-2022. After that point, we will return to the October 20, 2021 Mask mandate.

Lamar Mask Policy Changes (Monday) 10/25/21

As you may already know, the Lamar School Board met on 10-20-2021 in Special Session to discuss our current mask policy. Starting Monday, October 25th, the Lamar School District will transition to new protocols for masking of employees and students; they will be optional. Masks are strongly encouraged for all adults and students in the Lamar School District. Masks must be worn on buses. If a building reaches a 2% positivity rate in student and staff positive cases, or if a building reaches 10% in student and staff quarantine cases, a two week mask requirement will go into effect for the entire building. The definition of a close contact in a K-12 school has changed from with-in 6 feet for 15 minutes to with-in 3 feet for 15 minutes during a 24 hour time frame. All “do not have to quarantine” guidelines are still in effect. If both the case and the close contact are wearing masks properly, you will not have to quarantine. For more information, you can visit our website at Sincerely, Jay Holland

Positive(COVID) Athlete Requirements

If you test positive for COVID-19, and you are an athlete, you must complete the AAA protocol before returning to play. The Arkansas Activities Association is requiring that all student athletes in K-12 schools, who have been released from isolation (AFTER TESTING POSITIVE FOR COVID), be cleared by a health care provider before returning to play. AAA COVID-19 Clearance Form Click More Info The athlete and guardian of the athlete are responsible for making sure they get the correct clearance from their health provider, and pass that document on to the coach, before continuing any physical activity at school.

COVID Guide 1-6-22











Revised COVID 19 Clearance Form


Significant Changes

1) changed to 10 days post symptom resolution instead of 14.

2) Clarified athlete cannot complete stage 4 and return to competition on the same day.


Positive COVID Individuals Discontinuing Isolation

If you are an athlete or plan to engage in vigorous physical activity, the ADH strongly recommends that you see your doctor and be evaluated for possible heart involvement before you begin physical activity again. Students that have had COVID-19 must inform Brett Sampley (Athletic Director) and complete AAA protocol before returning to physical activity.

Point of Contact

Katie Kersey 479-733-8132 Use this number for questions related directly to COVID. All other questions should be directed to your student's building. Elementary 885-3363 Middle School 885-6511 High School 885-3344

Important Terms

Point of Contact, Close Contact, Probable Close Contact............Please select more information to access the pdf with the important terms and definitions. We will be using the term Close Contact instead of Probable Close Contact this year.