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Lamar Ready For Learning PowerPoint


Lamar School District

Ready for Learning Plan



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Lamar Ready For Learning Plan (Pdf)

Important Terms and Definitions


Lamar Classroom Options 20-21

On-line or Virtual Learning/Classroom—Curriculum provided through electronic means

Blended Learning/Classroom—Curriculum provided in the classroom (Face-to-Face) except during illness, etc. at which time the student will use the electronic curriculum.


Face-to-Face—Curriculum provided in the classroom 

Additional definitions will be added for clarification purposes


Virtual learning will be used in the event parents feel unsafe sending their child to school, a student is absent, or school closure occurs, a blended or virtual classroom will be available.  Students will be provided a chromebook, chromebook charger and flash drive.  The Lamar School District believes learning is best done on campus, face-to-face, and should be utilized by the students when possible. Specific guidelines for enrolling in this option will be provided at a later date.

Lamar School District’s Virtual Classes will be recorded videos, however, they will not be live due to streaming issues for students.


1. We will ensure the continuity of teaching and learning by providing a guaranteed and viable

curriculum that includes blended learning (K-12) and diagnostic assessments (K-8).

2. We will address unfinished learning from the prior year by using the Arkansas Playbook: Addressing Unfinished Learning and district developed resources.

3. We will utilize a Learning Management System.

4. We will schedule teacher training for how to use the LMS. PD 7/6-8/2020 PD 7/13-14/2020

5. We will schedule teacher training for blended learning (delivery of instruction). PD 7/6-8/2020 PD 7/13-14/2020

6. We will provide support for parents and students.

7. We will provide a written communication plan for interacting with parents, students, and the community.

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